to add to my home's white aesthetic 

behind miss dior

a light + fun classic 

vogue on givenchy

a close up on coco chanel

one of my favourites

the dior bible

vogue on dolce & gabbana

as per marilyn monroe's words

 if you loved the notebook

anna wintour... need I say more?

the etiquette encyclopaedia, updated

a lovely light read 

my absolute favourite

if you're having jane austen withdrawals 

paris + chanel + the second world war

marilyn through photos

a little french countryside

audrey hepburn at a glance

vogue on yves saint laurent

because growing up is overrated 

on my list

chanel, always

effortless lifestyle for today 

christian dior + postwar paris

add a little extra to your coffee table

an organized home is a happy home  

if you love perfume as much as i do 

 fashion + paris + 1920s 

1950's high society glamour + drama

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