a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for her

Updated for February 2023

My roses are white and violets are apparently blue, a Valentine’s Day gift guide has been curated for you.

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Box of Macarons


Chocolate is wonderful, but given the choice between a box of chocolates or a box of macarons, I’d choose the macarons in a heartbeat.

. . . . .

Soap Bar


J’adore this bar of soap ! It’s the perfect little extra something to add on a day that celebrates love.

. . . . .

Rose Gold Bracelet

Tiffany & Co.

If this bracelet isn’t a Valentine’s Day gift then I do not know what is ! It’s sentimental yet has a bit of a cheeky element… which I love !!

I would wear this as-is or layer it with a few of my other favourite bracelets from the jewelry box.

. . . . .

Champagne Candies


These champagne gummies, covered in mini bubble candies, are another sweet Valentine’s Day addition and pair perfectly with a favourite movie and popcorn.

. . . . .

Crystal Lip Gloss

Anastasia Beverly Hills

The perfect amount of gloss to add a little extra glam to any occasion worth celebrating.

. . . . .

Floral White Candle

Jo Malone

Like I need another excuse to buy a candle! I may already keep a little bottle of this floral fragrance in my bag to have on hand. It’s really lovely and adds an extra note of romance all year long.

. . . . .

Prosecco Rosé


A bubbly rosé from Italy. Need I say more?

. . . . .

Warm Floral Fragrance


An irresistible fragrance combining the notes of sparkling pear, rose, and blond wood.

. . . . .

White Roses


Because a Valentine’s Day gift guide wouldn’t be complete without flowers. 25 roses, in an elegant white box? That is a win in my books.

For other gift ideas, feel free to view my warm + floral fragrance, light + floral fragrance, and gift guide for her roundups. Or stop by my Valentines Day board to glance at a few extra ideas for the holiday!


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