little luxuries to enjoy the late winter months

I LOVE a white Christmas, but once the ball drops for New Year’s Day, I could not care less about the snow. Let alone the slush! My boots and I really do not enjoy the forecast that the later winter months bring.

I admittedly begin counting down the days to spring in January. That however is a little ways away.

In the mean time, here are few little luxuries that I have found to help counteract the dreary forecast and actually enjoy the remaining three months of the winter season.

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  1. Tired of losing your gloves to a manicure? Consider these expandable cashmere ones. So far I haven’t had to replace mine.
  2. I have been applying and recommending this lip balm for years. It is very light, yet withstands the cool and crisp winter air. One currently lives in my coat pocket.
  3. I love a wool coat. I also really love this super light alternative that can be dressed up or down.
  4. Because slushy snow requires waterproof boots. These leather boots are a chic and warmer alternative to my Hunters.
  5. I really love adding a throw blanket to a bedroom or living room. A throw blanket made with cashmere? Yes please.
  6. When I was studying in Milan, my aunties surprised me with a bottle of this warm floral fragrance. It’s one of my favourite winter scents to this day.
  7. A subtly sweet vanilla candle made with coconut wax. This will warm your home when the weather outside is frightful.
  8. My new office is WAY too cold this time of year. So, until I can negotiate a space heater, this cashmere wrap scarf is kind necessary. It also comes in a navy.
  9. Unlike most of the solid black tights in my closet, these ones are a fun grey cable knit.



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