Christmas gifts for nieces and nephews, from Auntie

Between my cousins and friends’ children, I have a handful of nieces and nephews on my holiday shopping list. While gift-giving is one of my love languages, I especially love finding gifts for every one of my nieces and nephews.

A lot of them are currently at that really fun age, so shopping for them kind of forces me to think like a kid again. As such, I had a lot of fun putting together this guide of Christmas gifts for nieces and nephews.

Since I like to see everyone on my Christmas gift list taken care of by November 30th, I appreciate the sales events (Sephora and Amazon Prime) that run from October through Black Friday. This way I can avoid the December crowds, not have to worry about shipping delays, and divide my free time towards gift wrapping, holiday baking, and maybe another Christmas market or two.

Below you will find some of my go-to Christmas and holiday gifts, for my nieces and nephews, that I felt were gift-guide-worthy. I tried to select gifts that were either classic, nostalgic, and/or consumable.

You will find everything listed and categorized under:


this post has been updated for October 2023


Ages 2 and up

  1. Merry and festive jigsaw puzzles for Christmas: Medium or Hard or Difficult
  2. A Charlie Brown and Grinch Christmas… aka true modern holiday classic stories
  3. Peter Rabbit Christmas Countdown and Disney Countdown to Christmas are lovely books to add to the December 1st countdown
  4. This Peter Rabbit activity book is a festive little option to keep the kiddies occupied during the quieter holiday periods
  5. Loving that this train advent calendar is also reusable
  6. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and Santa’s Workshop are fun and enchanting Little Golden Books Christmas stories
  7. Kind of loving these mini Christmas cookie cutters
  8. I would have LOVED this OPI advent calendar
  9. If you are thinking of timeless pre-Christmas gifts for your little nieces and nephews, the ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas and Sweet Smell of Christmas books are lovely
  10. Winter jigsaw puzzles for when the weather outside is frightful: Hard or Difficult
  11. Count down the 12 days of Christmas with puzzle or candle each day
  12. An adorable board book filled with a Christmas wish from Peter Rabbit
  13. This Disney Christmas bedtime storybook is a great option if you’re looking for a first Christmas book that can be read for many Christmases to come
  14. These Sesame Street and Play-Doh advent calendars seem like a fun alternative to chocolate
  15. A bedtime story book, with Peter Rabbit and friends, to enjoy from November thru January
  16. This 12 Days of Christmas book is full of lovely illustrations


Ages 2 and up

  1. My brother and I played Candyland and Jenga SO many times when we were little
  2. Charlotte and Noah, the Cuddle & Kind dogs, will be there no matter what the season may bring
  3. Disney Classic Jigsaw Puzzle: Hard
  4. A Barbie and/or Ken doll from the Barbie Movie
  5. Thinking that these wooden bowling and/or puzzle sets could also work for keeping the cousins occupied in between festivities
  6. I think that every child needs to try an Etch A Sketc
  7. 4 year old Jessica would’ve LOVED this Minnie & Daisy dress up doll set
  8. My family usually plays cards Christmas time, but sometimes we play Monopoly or Yahtzee
  9. These stamp markers and scented gel pens look like fun
  10. I think it’s safe to say that the Nintendo Switch is fun for all ages. Given that my brother knows more than a thing or two about gaming, I got his confirmation that either SMB Wonder and/or EA Sports FC 24 are great new game options.
  11. Storybook perfect dollhouse, building blocks, and train sets
  12. I might also have to get this mini NFL football for my brother
  13. These plush mouse and ballerina dolls are seriously cute
  14. I have yet to meet a child who didn’t have fun with Play-Doh
  15. A tea set and stand mixer for serving air at tea time
  16. These cash register and toolbox sets would be great gifts for little nieces and/or nephews to play shop with
  17. My brother would have LOVED this foam ball trio and mini NHL hockey stick set when he was little
  18. Because stickers and a slinky are great little add-on gifts


Ages 2 and up

  1. Alice in Wonderland: illustrated and/or original
  2. A Little Golden Books Boxset of classic Disney stories
  3. Charlotte’s Web
  4. A treasury of the Madeline stories
  5. This Dr. Seuss Boxset covers the essentials and is a perfect collection starter
  6. Grimm’s Fairy Tales: illustrated and/or original
  7. Little Women: illustrated and/or original
  8. Mary Poppins: illustrated and/or original
  9. One is simply never too old or young for the original Peter Rabbit or Winnie The Pooh stories
  10. Peter Pan: illustrated and/or original
  11. A classics collection of Curious George books
  12. This Jane Austen collection is beautiful
  13. The Secret Garden: illustrated and/or original
  14. One is never too young to obsess over French fashion: Dior, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton
  15. Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes illustrated and/or original
  16. The Wind in the Willows: illustrated and/or original
  17. The Wizard of Oz: illustrated and/or original


Ages 3 and up

  1. I would’ve LOVED this mini rolling pin and baking set when I was little
  2. An excellent cookie sheet and muffin pan set for bakers that are just beginning
  3. I was gifted this book for Christmas years ago and it is still my go-to for cakes and frosting
  4. This spatula is perfect for starting a collection
  5. Loving that these classic cookie cutters shapes come with a storage tin
  6. For an avid baker, a stand mixer or Dutch oven would be an amazing gift
  7. I still have my first dry glass measuring cup that my auntie bought me for Christmas when I was little
  8. This book is equally amazing in regards to baking and decorating cookies
  9. If you’re going to gift measuring cups and spoons, choose ones that are made with stainless steel
  10. I can see a few of my nieces having a lot of fun with this princess tea party book
  11. Either these glass or ceramic mixing bowl sets would be a great gift option
  12. My grandparents gifted me the baking bible long before I graduated high school


Ages 10 and up

  1. This Libre fragrance is absolutely delightful
  2. For those who prefer a classic nail polish, these Barbie Movie pink and blush shades are fabulous
  3. I would say that this jade gua sha is a beauty tool that is worth the hype
  4. A clean lip balm that is still fun and a great little add-on gift
  5. I bought this Jo Malone fragrance sampler for my 14 year old niece and she LOVED it
  6. A little upgrade to a teenage boy’s typical body spray
  7. Because satin hair scrunchies
  8. I kind of want this Marc Jacobs mini fragrance duo too
  9. This L’Occitane hand cream trio would also be great for dividing up as add-on gifts for multiple nieces and/or nephews
  10. These mini body scrubs (mint or hot chocolate) are fun and festive
  11. I have been told that this lip mask is amazing
  12. Thinking that my brother would like this Dolce & Gabbana fragrance
  13. A Dyson hairdryer couldn’t hurt
  14. Kind of wish someone bought me this makeup brush set when I was a teenager
  15. I have heard so many great things about this heatless hair curling set
  16. My auntie bought me these tweezers almost 10 years ago and they are still my favourite
  17. This Sugar Lip balm trio is a great little gift
  18. I love my crystal nail file and confirming that it is gel nail friendly


Ages 4 and up

  1. Cashmere scarves make excellent gifts for the older nieces and/or nephews on your list
  2. Loving the minimal look of this men’s Fossil watch
  3. A blanket scarf is basically a fall and winter staple
  4. These bowties are adorable for a little dapper guy
  5. This etsy shop has so many adorable little girl hair bow clips
  6. I want to get this made to order hat for my youngest nephew
  7. Tom Ford and Michael Kors seem to know what it takes for a minimal men’s leather wallet
  8. These Ray-Bans are timeless
  9. Wouldn’t be sad if my auntie or uncle gifted me this black Saint Laurent or Michael Kors bag
  10. With or without their fist initial engraved, this heart necklace is just so sweet
  11. This men’s cotton crewneck sweater is a wardrobe staple
  12. Wishing that these little cable knit tights came in my size
  13. I can’t see how an apple watch wouldn’t be appreciated
  14. These floral lace and Swiss dot tights are equally fun and gorgeous
  15. My brother still has the Calvin Klein tie that I bought him when he played minor hockey
  16. Thinking that stick on earrings would be a great little add-on gift for the little ones
  17. Cashmere gloves for her or leather gloves for him
  18. I am so getting my little nieces a personalized heart or pearls bracelet
  19. These custom cufflinks could add a little extra to his wardrobe
  20. Kind of loving this skinny hairband trio and hair bow clip set


Ages 5 and up

  1. Starbucks gift card
  2. Masterclass
  3. Subscription box
  4. Cactus Club gift card
  5. Movie tickets
  6. Grocery gift card
  7. Sephroa gift card
  8. Small Shop gift card
  9. Stand up tickets
  10. Saje gift card
  11. Yoga Classes
  12. Cash of course, is queen
  13. Hockey game tickets
  14. Day Spa gift card
  15. Best Buy gift card
  16. Concert tickets
  17. Local restaurant gift card
  18. Amazon gift card
  19. Local coffee shop gift card
  20. Magazine subscription
  21. Anthropologie gift card


Ages 19 and up

  1. An organic chai candle for the winter season
  2. This plaid 60×80 throw is equally gorgeous and gender neutral
  3. For the niece and/or nephew who loves tea and/or coffee
  4. Because Google Chromecast
  5. Thinking that my brother would appreciate these whiskey glasses and knife set
  6. This marble board and cheese knife set make an excellent charcuterie pairing
  7. If not now, you will soon be thanked for these silk pillowcases
  8. Made in Germany, these crystal prosecco and white wine glasses are seriously gorgeous
  9. A diffuser with essential oils for their home or workspace
  10. This oatmeal cookie candle reminds me of a warm hung


Ages 10 and up

  1. Clear suitcase organizers for packing
  2. Seriously, the best water bottle
  3. This gorgeous 17 month monogram planner would be great for mapping out a holiday
  4. I’ve had this expandable carry-on since university and it comes with an amazing warranty
  5. The power adapter that they’ll want to get before going to Europe
  6. A travel size fragrance for her and/or him
  7. Kind of loving this smartphone wallet
  8. Fun snacks for the trip
  9. Add a little extra to their passport
  10. This hand sanitizer spray would be a nice little add-on
  11. A weekender or duffel bag for if they come stay at your home
  12. The durable, no-fuss tumbler to keep drinks hot or cold
  13. Wireless AirPods and AirTags are an absolute must on my travel list
  14. For those who prefer to wear headphones, apparently these are amazing for cancelling out noise
  15. A portable battery charger, because you never know
  16. Take instantly developed photos with a Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera 


  1. My favourite double sided and wrapping paper tape
  2. These greeting cards are kid friendly
  3. Wrapping an assortment of Christmas cookies and sweets in these white boxes would make a lovely gift
  4. A simple spiral notebook for keeping track of your holiday to do list
  5. These metal fabric scissors make ribbon cutting a lot easier
  6. Because label makers are a game changer
  7. These little heart boxes would be perfect for gifting a few little holiday treats
  8. I love using white Post-It squares to keep track of gifts before I begin wrapping

To view another gift guide, beyond gifts for nieces and nephews, feel free to visit one of my seasonal roundups below: 



This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Products that are recommended are ones that I truly love or would purchase for a dear friend.


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