gluten free Christmas cookies

There is something unexplainably comforting about nibbling on a cookie at Christmas time. As such, I like to think that (gluten free) cookies are a vital asset to the holiday season.

Christmas cookies, without a doubt, are a wonderful addition to curling up with a hot beverage, blanket, and a movie!

They also pair exceptionally well with a game night. This time of year, it’d be pretty much impossible for my family to play cards or Monopoly without a plate of Christmas cookies or treats on the table. Not happening!!

From lemon to double chocolate, I have rounded up a handful of gluten free cookie recipes that my family and friends have come to love during the holiday season.

Mini Cinnamon Pizzelles

cookie notes

A classic Italian Christmas cookie, inspired by my grandma’s traditional recipe, with a little extra cinnamon.

. . . . .

Chocolate + Oatmeal + Coconut

cookie notes

Double chocolate chip, accompanied with oats and coconut, makes a playful take on lumps of coal.

. . . . .

Honey + Spice

cookie notes

This gluten free Christmas recipe, for honey + spice cookies, is a lovely alternative to gingerbread.

. . . . .

Lemon Drop

cookie notes

Inspired by the candy, and Christmas in Southern Italy, these delightfully chewy lemon cookies are a lovely holiday addition.

. . . . .

Oatmeal + Coconut

cookie notes

A gluten free version of a very classic cookie recipe.

If you are in the Kelowna area, and do not have time to make gluten free cookies this season, I would suggest stopping by Jaide and Joel’s for a box of treats.

For other gluten free holiday treats, feel free to view my Chocolate + Candy Cane Bark and Peanut Butter + Honey Popcorn recipes.


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