white winter bulbs for winter & pre-Christmas decor

This would be the time of year when I bring home a pot of paperwhites from the grocery store. Sometimes you just need flowers more than bread! I love the look of white winter bulbs when in full bloom and would argue that they are very underrated in terms of winter decor.

While I do jump into full Christmas preparation mode, come November 1st, I don’t start decorating my home for the holidays until after Remembrance Day. I really try to savour the season and enjoy ringing it in a little at a time. Well, at least for November. All bets are off come December 1st!

As such, a little pot of white winter bulbs is one of my favourite ways to incorporate a little pre-Christmas decor in my home. It’s a simple and subtle way to transition out of fall. Usually I’ll swap out the white pumpkins, on my windowsill, for a pot of paperwhites during the first week of November.

A little pot of winter flowers will also tide me over until I bring out my little Christmas tree, come November 12th, while adding a little extra cheer to my home well into the new year.

On that note, from the kitchen windowsill to the living room coffee table, below I have gathered a handful of ideas on how to style white winter bulbs within a home.

For other holiday inspiration, feel free to visit my winter board or view my additional decor roundups:


while the above photos have not been taken by me, they have been linked to their source through Pinterest


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