The Delta Grand Hotel (Kelowna) + What You Need to Know

When it comes to booking a hotel in downtown Kelowna you really cannot beat The Delta Grand Okanagan Resort, or more commonly known as The Delta Grand Hotel. Between the location and service, it’s always my first reccomendation when asked where to stay downtown.

Above all, it is truly Kelowna’s only downtown waterfront resort.

A note that if you are flying to Kelowna, The Delta Grand Hotel is located about 30 minutes from YLW. The resort is situated right along Okanagan Lake and within walking distance to no lack of restaurants and shops. Also, if you are at an event at Prospera Place, it is right across the street.

Speaking from experience, if you are also local to the city of Kelowna, staying at this resort makes for an equally great staycation or quick getaway.

As per prior visits, I have compiled my notes into an overview of what you need to know before staying at The Delta Grand Hotel, in the heart of downtown Kelowna.

Before Checking In

Before you even begin to book your stay, do yourself a favour and sign up (it’s free) to receive Marriott Bonvoy loyalty member benefits and then download their app.

At the very least, being apart of their loyalty program will get you free wifi during their stay. From past stays at hotels within the Marriott family, I have also found that being a member seems to get you a room with a better view.

The app is a really convenient way to book a room, especially if you are unable to access a laptop or computer. I really appreciate how it clearly lists the amenities, important times, and hotel inclusions.

Checking In

I have found the app to be super helpful for not only booking rooms, but also for checking in. You can check in ahead of time and you can also use your phone as a key. If you are sharing a room with someone, then I would suggest stopping by the front desk upon arrival to grab a key for them.

A note that the hotel does not accept Apple Pay. If you have updated your credit card, since booking your room, then you will need to have your new card with you. Even if your account on the app has since been updated with the new card, it unfortunately does not transfer to the hotel. You may want to bring your preferred method of payment with you just to be safe.

Check In & Out Times

  • Check In: 4PM (you have some flexibility when you check-in with the app)
  • Check Out: 11 AM

Room Takeaways

When booking your stay, it is best to book directly on their website, through the Marriott Bonvoy App, or call 1-250-763-450.

Overview of Rooms

As part of the resort’s ongoing recent refresher, each and every room has been newly renovated. I felt the minimal and calming aesthetic that they went with was a good choice.

Depending on how many people you are traveling with and the length of your trip, the resort offers an abundance of accommodation options alongside the lake. The options essentially range from a classic hotel room to a vacation home, with a fully stocked kitchen. Regardless of which accommodation is your best fit, you will be given a choice of a lake or city view to compliment your stay.

If possible I would recommend looking into booking your stay, at The Delta Grand Hotel, during the middle of the week or on a Thursday/Friday. You may want to also consider the less busier months like mid-September to mid-November or late-February to late-April.

Favourite Room Inclusions

  • Memory foam bed
  • VERY fluffy pillows
  • Light and white duvet quilt
  • Mini fridge to hold snacks + beverages
  • Chair perched in front of a floor-to-ceiling view
  • Windows that let in fresh air
  • TV with movies on-demand
  • Hair dryer
  • Makeup-friendly vanity mirror
  • A safe for any valuables

Confirming that the last room that I stayed in (924) came with fantastic city and lake views. Whether you are taking photos from an open window or out on the balcony, a friendly reminder to hold on tight to your device as that wind from the lake tends to not hold back.

I woud highly suggest bringing along some of your favourite snacks and beverages. You may also want to throw in a cork screw as well as a few extra napkins, paper cups, etc.

Pool Area

Currently the resort offers both indoor and outdoor pools. At this point, I am not going to get too into the details of the pool area as the resort will be undergoing renovations in the near future. When I asked about the project’s status they were unable to give me an estimated time of completion, which is very fair considering how we’re still dealing with post-pandemic construction delays.

For now, if you are visiting the resort before the renovations have been complete, just be mindful that indoor and outdoor pool area is a bit of a work in progress. On that note, I am most definitely looking forward to the renovations being complete !!!

A friendly reminder that the outdoor pool is seasonal and closes once the weather turns cold.

Pool Times

  • Indoor & Outdoor Pools: 8 AM to 10 PM

Fitness Centre

If going to the gym is a priority, even when on holiday, then you may appreciate that the resort has a fitness centre available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Like the pool, this is complimentary with your stay.

Day Spa

Admittedly, I have yet to actually book an appointment at the Damara Day Spa, but it is certainly on my list for future stays. I really appreciate how they incorporate organic products.

If you plan on indulging in this downtown Kelowna service, located right in The Delta Grand hotel, I would suggest booking an appointment, prior to your stay, by either calling 1-250-868-5629 or submitting a request online.

Day Spa Times

  • Monday: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday to Friday: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM to 6 PM
  • Sunday: 12 PM to 5 PM

Dining Takeaways:

  • Take advantage of the Happy Hour times available at the OAK + CRU…. the charcuterie is fantastic
  • Gluten Free and healthier options are available throughout the resort
  • The dress code is relatively causal, but I am always looking for an excuse to dress up
  • If you ask the front desk kindly, they will put aside your luggage so you can enjoy easily brunch at OAK + CRU after checking out


While there are a multitude of fantastic dining options downtown, I have dined at the OAK + CRU on several occasions. Situated in the middle of the lobby of The Delta Grand Hotel, it is one of my favourite lake view restaurants in Kelowna. You really can’t go wrong with ordering breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the OAK + CRU. Then, of course there’s the deadly charcuterie board and cocktail combination during Happy Hour.

I would suggest booking at least one reservation at the OAK + CRU, prior to your stay, by either calling 1-250-859-4790 or submitting a request online.

OAK + CRU Patio:

I personally love how patio season has been made available at the OAK + CRU, no matter what the seasons may bring to Kelowna.

Should you be visiting Kelowna and staying at The Delta Grand Hotel during the fall, winter, or early spring months, then you may want to look into having dinner in The Domes outside while looking over the lake. It is definitely a dinner experience worth looking into.

A note that dinner reservations in The Domes are limited to parties of 2-6, with a time slot of 2.5 hours.

I still haven’t had a chance to take advantage of the hotel’s In Room Dining service, but it is certainly on the agenda for future visits.

The Cellar:

If you have time, I would also suggest carving out some time to have a private dining experience at The Cellar. Lately they have been seasonally decorating the room and I admit that I have been slightly obsessed. During my last stay, upon checking out, I spotted that the room was done up in an Alice in Wonderland theme. Obviously I need to celebrate my unbirthday there.

A note that you need a minimum party of 4 to reserve a private dining experience in The Cellar.

Dining Times

  • The Cannery Marketplace: 6:00 AM-6:00 PM

Checking Out:

I usually opt for sleeping in, but if you are in fact a morning person then you will have some time to take advantage of the pool and fitness centre beforehand.

Confirming that the valet service is absolutely wort it. They will bring around your vehicle upon check out.

Check In & Out Times

  • Check In: 4 PM (you have some flexibility when you check-in with the app)
  • Check Out: 11 AM

Packing for Your Kelowna Getaway

This Taurus is too high maintenance to see any value in packing “light”. With that being said, I do try to keep everything to:

1 small suitcase + 1 weekender bag + 1 tote

CONFESSION: I stuff my weekender bag full of drinks and snacks.

Packing for your stay at the resort will of course depend on the time of year. You may want to monitor the forecast before bringing out your suitcase.

While the temperature is generally mild from April to early June, you can expect it to be really hot during the summer months. In typical Canadian fashion, be wary of a temperature drop and snowfall come mid-fall and throughout the winter months.

The resort provides you with pretty much everything you need (and more) but I like to bring along a few extra items to further elevate my spa getaway. As such I have gathered a few items that you may want to consider adding to your packing list.

Feel free to copy and paste the below list into the Notes section of your phone so that you can easily refer to it.

Extra Items to bring

Things I Appreciate:

  • Excellent and consistent customer service throughout the resort
  • Valet & Front Desk service
  • Vanity lights surrounding bathroom mirror
  • Loved the hallways leading up to the room
  • Having luggage held while eating brunch at OAK + CRU after checkout
  • VERY clean rooms and facilities
  • Flexible Check-In times

Staying at The Delta Grand Hotel in the midst of downtown Kelowna can be a very effective and efficient getaway. One night is lovely, but I think that two-three nights would be ideal if you want to partake in many experiences available at the resort. I love that the resort takes me less than 15 minutes to, from my home in Kelowna, and I am always looking forward to my next visit!

If you have any queries or takeaway to add, please add a note in the comments section below or message me on Instagram.


this post is not affiliated with The Delta Grand Okanagan Resort


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