Kelowna lake view restaurants

Often I get approached with queries regarding the best dining options in town. No matter the season or what the unpredictable Kelowna (YLW) weather forecast may bring, I almost always suggest restaurants that come with a lake view.

As such, I have created a list of the best lake view restaurants (as far as I’m concerned) in Kelowna and nearby towns, that are north and south of the city. 

When curating this list, I made an effort to include options that are either within walking distance to the lake (a common Okanagan perk) or contain a view of one.

Outside of downtown Kelowna, I have found that the best lake view restaurants are either apart of a resort or winery. Either way, you really can’t go wrong!

A note that some of the following restaurants are age restricted, so be sure to double check if you are making a reservation with a minor. Also, if you’re booking a table between April and November, you’ll definitely need a reservation.

From West Kelowna to Vernon, any of the below spots will add a little extra to your dining experience. Whether you are coming back from the beach, taking a shopping break, or celebrating an occasion… you can consider yourself covered.

Hotel Eldorado

West Kelowna

Downtown Kelowna


  • Cedar Creek – one of my favourite wineries in town
  • Hotel Eldorado – their Sunday brunch is incredible
  • Manteo – I have coordinated a few summer events here

Cactus Club

Lake Country


Sparkling Hill Resort

Here are some additional local recommendations to consider, that are also not far from YLW: 



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  1. Donna Russo says:

    Will have to try a few of your recommendations we haven’t been too!

    Eldorado Brunch is really top notch!

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