fall & winter beauty essentials to consider during the Sephora savings event

As you’re probably aware, now is that oh so exciting time of the year when the beauty savings are unleashed during Sephora’s fall and winter event!!

Incase you missed the memo, here are the access dates for 2023:


October 27 to November 6


October 27 to November 6


October 31 to November 6


October 31 to November 6

Leading up to this event, I like to take stock of my inventory to asses which beauty products need to be replenished and/or replaced for the fall and winter season. Then I go through my wish list to view the items, that have been added since the last sale, to determine if any will make the shopping basket cut.

I particularly love this sale as it gives me the opportunity to cross off items on my Christmas shopping list. I try to get my Christmas shopping done before December and the fact that the savings event falls before Black Friday is a fabulous bonus !

Below I have shared and gone into a little deep dive in terms of the fall and winter beauty items that live in my wish list and/or shopping basket.

These items are more so essentials for the colder months of the year. For some of my holiday beauty favourites, you may want to check out my stocking stuffer roundup.

You will find everything listed and categorized under:

  1. FACE
  2. LIPS
  4. BATH & BODY
  5. HAIR
  7. TOOLS



face wash

I alternate between my light exfoliation and oil based (recommended by my naturopath) cleansers depending on what my makeup situation is that day. I also ordered this purifying gel cleanser, to help with my temporary acne situation, and I can’t wait to try it!


I try to use a purifying mask 1-2 times a week. I have tried both the clay and charcoal masks and honestly, I like them both. It’s really a matter of preference.

I keep this deep exfoliating cleaner in the shower and also use it about 1-2 times a week.

If you are wondering on which peel pads you should try, look no further than these ones. A note that I only use them in fall and winter as I don’t like to mess with the intense sun exposure during the hotter months.


During the fall and winter months, toner is most definitely a beauty essential in my vanity. I apply it immediately after washing or exfoliating my face. 

Recently I started using the Fenty Skin toner, which I am loving for minimizing the uninvited pores on my nose. I am also considering adding this Caudalie one to my rotation.


This strawberry serum is a gentle option to help maintain a smooth and blemish free complexion, while this plum serum is great should you ever need an extra boost of hydration.

I have a sample of this anti-aging serum, that came with a recent purchase, and I am loving how it is light and dries quickly.

retinol alternatives

Seconds after discovering lines on my forehead, within months of turning 30, I went on a retinol deep dive and started with this bakuchiol + peptides serum. It’s a lot less abrasive and would recommend as a first step if you have sensitive skin.

I am really excited to try this Caudalie retinol alternative next. The Tatcha serum also looks like a great retinol alternative option.

acne treatment

Normally for the occasional blemish I reach for my salicylic acid healing dots or spot gel.

However, as per my interim hormone situation I just started using this acne fighting and scar fading duo. I was using the scar fading serum prior, to treat a burn mark on my forehead, and it is fantastic.


I just ordered and can’t wait to try this night moisturizer with retinol (alternative) benefits.

I have been applying this light moisturizer before my makeup in the morning. My bestie is obsessed with her gel moisturizer from LaNeige and I kind of want to try it too.


I have been mixing this LANEIGE sunscreen with my day moisturizer and using it as a makeup primer for extra coverage.


lip mask

If your lips tend to get super dry, add either the Fresh or Ilia hydrating lip masks to your bedtime routine. I have also heard amazing things about the LANEIGE ones.

lip balm

One can never have too many lip balms on hand. During the fall and winter months, this beauty essential is an absolute must for me. The Fresh lip balm is super nourishing and l use it all year long, but I also love the Farmacy and Ilia ones too.



I keep going back to the NARS (AFFOGATO) concealer for blemish coverage, while the Armani (3.75) one is amazing for under the eyes.


Either the SPF 30 tinted moisturizer (OPAL 01) or the SPF 15 loose powder (FAIR) are great foundation options that offer extra sun protection.

I have added the Bobbi Brown foundation to my basket for days when I need extra coverage.

contour set

I definitely prefer keeping my bronzer and highlighter all in one set. I am still on the hunt for the perfect duo and both PATRICK TA and TOO FACED have compacts that I am curious to try.

eye brows

Whether it’s the fall or spring savings event, you can pretty much guarantee that this eyebrow pencil (EBONY) will be in my basket.

My mom prefers the brow definer pencil, but honestly, they both are great.


I don’t wear eyeliner, as much as I used to, but when I do it must be water proof (ZERO).


When it comes to mascara, depending on the occasion, I will choose a waterproof (CATWALK BLACK) or buildable volume (090 BLACK).

eyeshadow palette

Even though I really only wear eyeshadow on occasion, I love me an eyeshadow shadow palette! I have been using this Urban Decay one or years, but these Charlotte Tilbury and GXVE BY GWEN STEFANI palettes are gorgeous.

setting powder & spray

To lock in my makeup, so that it withstands the weather changes, I apply this setting powder (COMPLETELY SHEER) and either the Urban Decay or Charlotte Tilbury setting spray.


If I do wear a lipstick I will opt for an understated light pink (NO MORE ORCHIDS) or an almost nude (PLATINUM) shade.

My mom loves the matte NARS lip pencil, but I don’t think she has tried their new one (AMERICAN WOMEN -112) yet.


body scrub

Either the Herbivore or First Aid Beauty would be great exfoliating options.

body cream

I recently bought this cream to help counteract the cellulite that Barbie made very apparent in her movie. The L’Occitane and Sol De Janeiro creams are also great cream options.


I currently have this lotion at my home workspace. The L’Occitane one is also excellent.

hand cream

I like to keep the NĂ©cessaire and L’Occitane creams on hand during the day, while I apply this very rich one before bed.



Confirming that this treatment mask is extensions and curly/wavy hair friendly. My love for honey really wants me to add this honey infused one to my hair mask rotation.

Appreciate this quick gloss rinse for days when I do not have time to apply a hair mask in the shower.

style prep

I apply this blowout cream right after I wash my hair and this glossing serum once my hair is dry.


A little bit of this light hair oil goes a very long ways. This dry conditioning oil is even lighter and I apply it last, or second last if I am using hairspray.

heat protectant

Protect your hair from styling tools and add a little extra shine.


Hairspray for lightly brushing out your curls with or if you need to keep an undo intact.


warm floral

Libre takes me back to fall time in Paris, while La Petite Robe Noire evokes winter memories in Chambery.

sweet floral

I keep this Jo Malone fragrance my office desk and my colleague is obsessed. This Marc Jacobs one is simply scrumptious.


beauty blender

My favourite tool for blending makeup. I love that the sponge doesn’t absorb a terrible amount of makeup and how the point makes it easier to blend concealer under my eyes.

foundation brush

Apparently, this is THE liquid foundation brush for getting that seamless look. I will also be adding these brushes for my powdered highlighter and bronzer.

brush set

These are starter kits as will cover all essential face and/or eye brushes.

gua sha

Because apparently gravity isn’t a friend of the face.

hair irons

I LOVE my GHD hair curling wand and will probably get the straighter if I ever retire my CHI that I’ve had since university.

hair dryer

I think we can all agree that Dyson hair dryer is pretty self-explanatory.

For other gift ideas, feel free to view my under $50 stocking stuffersfall and winter fragrances and gift guide for her roundups.


While this post contains affiliate links, it is not sponsored by Sephora. These opinions are truly my own.

This post has been updated for October 2023


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