May Desktop Wallpaper + Calendar

Between office life and my blog, I spend a good amount of time with my laptop each week. This took me down a rabbit hole of wanting to add a little extra to my virtual workspace. As such, the May desktop wallpaper collection is now available to download from Etsy.

In other news, this May baby is happy to declare that it is officially Taurus season !!

In between (multiple) birthdays, Mother’s Day, and baby showers… there seems to always be multiple markings on my calendar. May usually ends up being a very busy month !

Always minimal and simple (desktop screens are busy enough) each wallpaper is available to download for less than $1.

A note that they may look best on a 13″ MacBook or laptop screen. Although, I did test one on a monitor at my office and it seemed to work well.

Every desktop wallpaper will also include a calendar. I admit that I can be that person who forgets which day of the week it is and appreciates a calendar on hand.

While the flowers in my yard may still be a few weeks away from blossoming, below are three chic and minimal wallpapers to add a little extra to your desktop. To download your May desktop wallpaper, click on one of the images below to be taken straight to my shop on Etsy

Updated for May 2024

If you end up purchasing a desktop wallpaper and love it, please feel free leave a review on the shop or share a photo and tag me on Instagram.

Have a lovely spring season !



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