a guideline for booking the best hotel for your stay

Whether I am booking a room for a week in Paris or an overnight road trip stop, my hotel criteria remains pretty constant in regards to getting the best option for my stay.

To give you a slight idea of where I’m coming from, below are a few general guidelines that I take into consideration when searching for a hotel room.

(White) Bedding

I am unapologetically a hotel bedding snob. Colourful comforter overlays? NO thank you! Not only do I not do colour in the first place, but the germaphobe in me appreciates how you can’t hide anything on a white duvet. For me, there is little to no exception to this rule.


This will vary as per the trip. Usually I’ll ask myself the following:

  • Do I need to be close to the airport?
  • Can I get away with staying downtown?
  • Would it be better if I were more central?
  • How far away are any essential services?
  • Would this trip benefit from a scenic view?


Before booking my hotel room, I definitely take the ratings and some reviews into consideration before determining the best option. If a hotel receives less than a 4/5 rating, for example, rarely I will bother looking.

Cleanliness / Updates

While I appreciate little things like USB chargers, a new or recently updated bathroom that is spotless makes me way too happy ! Bonus points the bathroom has a separate vanity counter for getting ready.


I need to see multiple photos. A hotel that doesn’t show many room details may be hiding something that I do not want to discover.


The Italian in me likes to know that there is food nearby. Whether it is a grocery store, coffee shop, or restaurant within the hotel.

Book Directly

Very, very rarely do I book accommodations on third party websites. First of all, I find that the rates are better on the hotel’s website. Plus, by booking directly through the website you can get points and perks from their membership programs.

I would start by setting up accounts with Accor and Bonvoy if you haven’t already. The Four Seasons does not have a loyalty program but, if staying with them, I’d definitely book your accommodation directly through their website or call in.

What do you look for in a hotel room? Feel free to share in the comments or message me on Instagram.



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