white + grey modern farmhouse ensuite bathroom

Over the last year I have been helping my parents with the design process of their most recent home build. This project was a craftsman home built on an acreage in Lake Country. It has a bit of a Modern Farmhouse aesthetic, which was lightly incorporated throughout their ensuite bathroom.

It is my second favourite room in the house. This one was my favourite.

Whenever I get asked about where one should invest in a renovation or new build, my top three answers are the kitchen, exterior, and ensuite bathroom. Between morning and night, it’s a place where one spends a considerable amount of time in.

While this room is not one where I’ll be spending time in, I did spend a fair amount of time with my mom establishing the overall look of it.

What I particularly love about this ensuite bathroom, is that it overlooks the lake from one side and the forest on the other. It is no accident that the tub is situated in a corner that takes in both views.

The overall goal for this room was to have a simple and calming aesthetic.

ensuite bathroom layout

While the layout of the ensuite bathroom is an open concept, these are the key sections to note:

  1. double sink vanity
  2. soaker tub
  3. walk-in shower
  4. water closet

The bathroom is essentially between the walk-in closet and the ensuite bedroom.

Style Notes:


I think it goes without saying that double sinks in an ensuite bathroom are a must.

Another priority for me was having the vanity near a window or two. One can hardly deny the benefits of applying makeup once a natural light is present.

To keep things simple and consistent, the vanity countertops (white quartz) and cupboards (white shaker) are actually the same as the ones installed in the kitchen.

The quartz really adds that little extra to an ensuite bathroom and is very easy to clean.

The white cupboards and drawers have a bit of a warmer undertone, which helps warm up the cooler grey tones from the walls and tile.

There was a bit of a debate about the hardware, but I am glad that my parents went with the minimal matte black. As much as I love the black and white contrast, I really want to explore a brushed nickel for the next home.


The shower is a walk-in with an added bench and wall shelf. As you may have noticed, the tile used for the shower is the same tile installed for the flooring. I love the seamless look it creates.

The pebble-like tile laid on the shower floor was added for a little texture.


I love a soaker tub ! I may have pushed for this one as I felt that it’s minimal aesthetic fit perfectly with the overall look. Aside from the fact that it is gorgeous.

When we ordered the quartz for the kitchen and vanity, we also requested a thin slab so that a mini shelf could be added with the side faucet.

wall colour

Like the vanity’s cabinetry and counter top, the paint colour for the walls are also the same as the kitchen.

For the wall paint colour, a lighter grey was diluted at 50%. I highly recommend doing this if you want to tone down the colour saturation while keeping the shade and undertone.

I honestly would’ve gone even lighter, but my parents were a little hesitant about going too white. It seems that they have warmed up to the idea since. I would love to see a very soft off-white-grey throughout the next home.


I am really happy how the tile turned out. They are Made In Italy and were laid in every bathroom in the house. Except my parents opted to have theirs heated.

I may have not-so-subtly hinted that every bathroom in the next home build should have heated flooring. Particularly the guest ones in the basement.

My parents were debating between the medium and a light grey sample and I may have suggested going with the lighter one. Which, I am really glad they opted for because once installed the tile actually appears a lot darker.


You can visit my powder room post or bathroom board on Pinterest for additional inspiration.



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