powder room ideas that are white with a little glamour

I often suggest using the powder room as a space for incorporating any of the bolder ideas that you may have or any of the higher end furnishings on your wish list. With the square footage generally being on the smaller side, such elements can go a lot further in this space.

In other words, a powder room allows for a shameless opportunity to add a little extra glam or luxe to a home.

More familiarly known as the half or guest bathroom, it may be one of the most underrated rooms in a home. A powder room may not get as much attention as the kitchen or ensuite, but as a guest in a home, it’s a room that I can easily appreciate.

A powder room is also a space where you can potentially really have a lot of fun with. Personally I love a textured wallpaper, Italian marble, and a crystal chandelier.

With that being said, white walls with a simple pedestal sink, mirror, and a fresh set of white towels can really go a long ways.

Whether you are gathering ideas and inspiration for your renovation or new build, below I am sharing a few favourite powder room and small bathroom looks straight from my Pinterest boards.

For further ideas, beyond the powder room, click HERE for bedrooms or HERE for office and workspaces. You can also visit my bathroom board for even more inspiration.


while the above photos have not been taken by me, they have been linked to their source through Pinterest 


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