inspiration for a calming white bedroom with just a touch of glamour

Aside from being a place to sleep, the ultimate goal of a bedroom, should really be, to guide you to your calmest state of mind. For me, with just the right shade, a white bedroom can do just that.

To each their own, but I do not know how anyone can sleep in a room with walls painted in any colour or shade beyond a soft neutral.

On that note, as per the queries I often receive regarding bedroom paint colours, my first suggestion is to start with a soft white. Too pure of a white easily feel stark and sterile, and that is by no means calming.

As such, an off-white is often a great choice for a bedroom paint colour. I personally love an off-white from a grey with warm undertones. Whether you are drawn to the cooler blue undertones or prefer a warm undertone of pink, I like to think that a pallet stemming from white is an excellent place to start.

With the right shade a white bedroom can be incredibly calming, chic, and when played right….

a little glamorous. 









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while the above photos have not been taken by me, they have been linked to their source through Pinterest


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