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Free of gluten and parabens, I went through my vanity and pulled my favourite skincare products that I swap in, or continue to use, throughout the spring and summer months.

As a point of reference, my skin type is on the dry-combination part of the spectrum and is generally sensitive to most products.

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this post has been updated for spring and summer 2023


Depending on where my face is at I have a few different cleansers that I keep in rotation. A friendly reminder to immediately apply a toner after washing your face.


This is exfoliator is a great skincare option for removing any of that excess nonsense from your face, which seems to always come with spring and summer time. I keep mine in the shower and apply it about 3-4 times a week.

Also, don’t forget your lips ! They too need to be exfoliated every now and then.

clay mask

This clay mask was recommended to me and I use it 1-2 times a week. It’s a gentle but deep clean that I really appreciate after a day at the beach, making it an excellent addition to my spring and summer skincare lineup.

The clay doesn’t take very long to activate and you can wash it off 10 minutes later. After removing the mask I immediately follow with a toner and then a hydrating mask.

Alternatively, this charcoal mask is great too. However I will admit that it can leave a bit of a mess on your bathroom vanity if you’re not careful.


For the weekday mornings I opt to use this purifying cleanser for washing my face. It’s very refreshing and has a lovely lather.

Keeping my face hydrated during the summer months can be a bit of struggle, so I swap in this oil based cleanser on the weekends or at night. Also confirming that it is amazing for removing makeup.

I have also recommended this cleanser countless of times solely based on the fact that I have yet to come across a cleanser that foams as luxuriously as this one. It will seriously elevate your morning/evening shower.

It is intended for a combination/oilier complexion, so I use only use it once or twice a week. Also, a little bit goes a long, long ways. While it is gentle, it will strip away your makeup.


Whether your complexion is dry or oily, you need to keep your skin hydrated. There are countless of reasons why, but the main reason for me is that it is plays as a major factor in damage control. 

drink your water

While drinking water is technicalIy not a skincare product, it is absolutely vital during the spring and summer months. As such, I really try to keep a bottle of water at my side.

This is coming from someone who was a late learner to the water consumption concept. I knew that it was important (especially during these hotter months) but I didn’t really notice the benefits until recently.

The difference was really noticeable in my forehead. Think of it as a free makeup primer.

Tip: add a pinch of salt to your water if you feel like your body isn’t absorbing it. I know it sounds a little unconventional, but trust me !

lip balm

I am not sure if I could get through any season without a lip balm. Especially during the spring and summer months when the heat basically drys out the Okanagan air. As such, this lip balm rarely leaves my side.

I have applied it at night before going to bed, but I’ll bring out the lip mask if I really want to wake up with hydrated lips.


I absolutely must always have a bottle of toner on hand! To me it is such an important and overlooked aspect of skincare.

As mentioned above, it is recommended that you apply a toner immediately after washing your face.

This toner I love because it tells your dormant skin cells to wake up. Apparently they go to sleep as we age.

I also recently added Caudalie’s Vinopure toner, to my skincare repertoire, and it’s been helpful in minimizing pores. Which, apparently is a thing after you kiss your twenties goodbye.


Last year I discovered this delightful hydrating serum and am l am bringing it back for the spring and summer seasons.

It is great to have on hand for those days when you get exposed to the sunshine for a bit longer than you initially intended to or forgot to bring your sunscreen. Which, seems to happen to me at least once a year.

sheet mask

Think of this as a 20 minute treat to your face with concentrated hydration. If I remember, I’ll put one on about 1-2 times a month.

It’s best to apply the mask immediately after washing your face with a cleanser. 


I may have a bottle of lotion in every room of my home. A really light option, that I am loving for the spring and summer months, is the fragrance-free one from Nécessaire.

I love the minimal packaging and keep a bottle at my home office desk.

The L’Occitane one and Caudalie hand creams are also excellent options.


Between mask acne, hormone imbalance, turning 30 (a forewarning may have been appreciated) and some unexpected stressors… repairing my face has been more or less a full time job.

It’s been a journey, but I’m almost back to my pre-pandemic complexion.

retinol (alternative)

Seconds after discovering lines on my forehead, I went on a retinol deep dive.

Between research and a mutual reccomendation from multiple sources, I decided that a retinol alternative would be a better fit for my skin type. At least for now.

The retinol alternative I started using was a bakuchiol + peptides serum. It’s rather mild and would recommend as a first step if you also have sensitive skin.  I have since started using the Caudalie retinol alternative. It is very, very popular in France and I have already noticed a further decrease in fine lines.

A note that it is generally recommended to avoid retinol if you’ll be within direct sun exposure.


Honestly this serum is a bit of an investment, but it is truly fantastic for anti-aging. I bring in this reinforcement to counteract any sun damage.

It is best applied at night, right before a moisturizer. Like my toner, this serum also sends a signal to my dormant skin cells to wake up.

night cream

Applying night cream to my face is the last thing I do before going to bed. It is lovely, light and awakens my skin’s cells as I sleep.

My skin pretty much inhales this nourishing cream.


Growing up, my mom was (rightfully so) the sunscreen nazi. Although to this day I cannot tan. Not in the slightest!


The Ombrelle brand has been my go-to (fragrance-free) sunscreen for years. I love the convenience of the spray bottle, but will throw the traditional one in my tote bag to have on hand.

Last year I added this Laneige sunscreen to my skincare inventory and have been applying it to my face, as a makeup primer, for extra coverage (my go-to foundation already includes SPF).

self tanner

Like I said, I do not tan. I’m an SPF 30+ girl.

While a self tanner won’t protect me from the sun, it does prevents me from having the need to go outside and add some colour to my very vanilla skin.

I used the tanning spray for the last few summers, but this year I want to try the colour correcting self-tanning mousse. I loved the colour that I got from the spray, but the bottle was a bit temperamental. Hopefully the mousse will be a bit easier to apply.

Overlooking the fact that the packaging is not attractive (orange with lavender… really ?!) this firming body nourisher is great for locking in that new summer glow on your skin.

These L’Occitane and Sol De Janeiro creams are also excellent spring and summer skincare additions.

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This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Products that are recommended are ones that I truly love or would purchase for a dear friend.


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