light makeup for spring + summer time

When it comes to makeup during the spring and summer months, I seek out products that are not only free of parabens, but are also light to apply and will withstand the temperature increase. Unless I am going out, I tend to keep my overall look on the lighter side. Especially during the weekdays.

Below I have pulled a sample of my favourite makeup products from Sephora that I opt to wear during spring and summer time. With that being said, almost everything that I have selected are products that I wear throughout the year.

this post has been updated for spring and summer 2023.


Only recently have I started applying a primer before my foundation. This one is delightfully light and dries rather quickly. Alternatively you can use sunscreen as a primer.



I have been using this concealer for a few years now. While I have tried others, I continue to keep coming back to it. It just blends so well !



What I have been using is actually more of a tinted BB and CC cream. So basically, a light foundation that hydrates.

Comparing to the more traditional foundations I have tried in the past, I found that it goes on pretty seamlessly and doesn’t dry out my face.

It also contains SPF 30 which, is really a non negotiable for the spring and summer months. But, you still need to apply a sunscreen to your face each day.

Opal 01

that summer look

I love a face palette. Mainly because I love the idea of having my highlighter, blush and bronzer all in one compact.

A note that a little really goes a long way. You really do not need to apply much to get that light and effortless makeup look that we love during the spring and summer months.

Italian Summer

setting powder

I like a bit of summer glow, but not too much. Right before applying my setting spray, I’ll brush a bit of setting powder on my face and then add a little extra to my nose and forehead.


setting spray  

I use a setting spray all year long, but especially in the hotter months to lock in makeup and prevent it from melting. I recently switched to the setting spray from Charlotte Tilbury and am loving how light it is.

Also, it is alcohol, oil and gluten free.

Natural Finish

eye shadow

Applying eyeshadow is rarely a part of my morning routine. Admittedly I’ll just lightly brush a little highlighter across my eyelids before reaching for my setting powder.

In the event that I do want to add a little extra, I’ll grab my eyeshadow palette. I use it all year round.



I am looking into getting my brows micro-bladed, but for now I will continue to reach for this precise brow pencil. Confirming that this is the best pencil for the job. Next!



I have been wearing this Dior mascara for years and it continues to have a starring role in my makeup collection. A little really goes a long ways.

Because I like to keep my makeup light for the summer months, I only ever need to apply one coat of mascara to my lashes.

090 Black

waterproof mascara

When I need to step it up to a waterproof … it’s still Dior darling.

Catwalk Black

lip balm

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t really do lipstick. However… I do love a lip balm!

For spring and summer I just want to apply something that is light and hydrating. This one is a staple throughout the year and a necessity once the heat starts drying out the air.

I apply this throughout the day and keep a tube in my bag and at my desk.


lip mask

Because you can’t deny that your lips looks look way better when hydrated! When it gets ridiculously dry during in the late summer months I like to bring in this lip mask to step up my nighttime routine.


For further spring and summer beauty product recommendations, feel free to visit my skincare and fragrance roundups.



If you use any of the above links to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Products that are recommended are ones that I truly love or would purchase for a dear friend. While this post contains affiliate links, it is not affiliated with Sephora.


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