reflecting on 2021 while looking forward to what the new year will bring

Dear 2021, thank you for stopping by, now please… see yourself out. There is no denying that this year had its moments. While I discovered that I apparently have a major threshold for disappointment, the gratitude trump card was played on multiple occasions. As such, I felt that I owed it to myself to take a moment, to wrap up 2021 on a positive note, before fully jumping into the new year.


  1. Finally upgrading the MacBook that I’ve had since university
  2. Being able to invite my friends to celebrate my birthday with me !!
  3. I managed to go on ONE non-terrible date this summer
  4. Mornings at the farmer’s market
  5. My silly little two second reel broke 2000 views
  6. Escaping the heatwave with ice cream, even if it was just for a moment
  7. Attended (the loveliest) bridal shower of one of my dearest friend’s baby sister. I’ve only known the bride her since she was in kindergarten so there was no ugly crying.
  8. Launching my Favourite’s Shop
  9. Canning peaches with my grandparents
  10. One of my favourite humans came home from France for a visit
  11. Celebrating my grandma’s (the lady who brought you the apple crisp and peach crisp recipes) 80th birthday
  12. A day-trip for (white) pumpkin hunting
  13. My auntie heart has multiplied once more. One of my dear friends welcomed a baby boy in October and another will be welcoming a baby girl in February !
  14. Learning how to make nuts & bolts with my auntie
  15. Every single tea and lunch date
  16. Launching my pop-up shop for the second year in a row
  17. Surprising the hospital maintenance workers with individually wrapped sugar cookies
  18. Was able to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with my grandparents
  19. The pause that manifested over the holidays. I have basically been in my own bubble since Christmas Eve and I do not plan on leaving it until January 2nd.

Best of wishes to you and yours in the new year!!



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