white & organized kitchen pantry ideas for your home

I may get walk-in-closet-excited about a white kitchen pantry (butler’s or walk-in, I don’t discriminate) with floor-to-ceiling shelving, to keep all ingredients and bakeware happily organized and within reach.

If a well designed kitchen is an ice cream sundae, then I like to think that the pantry is the whipping cream and cherry on top.

Like the powder room, I would also argue that the pantry is a very underrated space within a home. In theory, it’s just a glorified closet. However, when you think of it, the panty plays a rather important role in the kitchen’s efficiency.

This may also have a little bit to do with my upbringing.

Growing up it seemed that every family household had a well-stocked pantry of some sort. Normally in the in basement and not glamorous by any means, the shelves were apocalypse ready and painstakingly organized.

Oh, but let’s not forget that giant deep freezer and second fridge. One of each simply would not suffice.

Click HERE for my organized kitchen pantry guide or HERE for a list of my favourite gluten free ingredients for baking.

You can also visit my board for even more white and organized kitchen pantry inspiration.


while the above photos have not been taken by me, they have been linked to their source through Pinterest 


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