bake efficiently with an organized kitchen pantry

I like to think that an efficient kitchen includes a well organized pantry of some sort. On that note, from inventory to storage, a pantry is really only as good as its system implemented. While it’s wonderful to have ingredients on hand for a recipe, it’s not so helpful if the item has since expired.

If you’re wondering what TCLF is, it is a guideline that I came up with to keep my baking essentials in order:

  1. Tidy
  2. Clear Container
  3. Label It
  4. Find a Home

Seasonal Tidy Up

Tidying up, every 3 months or so, can help with minimizing waste. At the very least, it’ll get you reacquainted with what is in your pantry.

It may also be a good time to swap in seasonal ingredients.

Clearly See Your Items

What I have found to be most helpful is ditching the packaging, whenever possible, and storing items in clear containers. Packaging was meant to live on the shelf of a supermarket. Pantry life was basically an afterthought.

For Example

I store ingredients that I use the most (flour, oats and sugar) in glass jars. Whenever I need to refill a jar, I’ll grab the bag that I have set aside in my pantry’s back-stock cupboard.

Here are some simple, no-fuss storage options I have found to be useful when organizing my little pantry.

Put a Label on it

Oh and then there’s labelling. I have learned this from my grandma, who basically majored in sharpies + masking tape.

In terms of where to place a label, I personally prefer it on top of the lid. It will ultimately come down to where you are storing your container. Just make sure that you can read it clearly.

I’ll usually make white labels with a fine black sharpie. On that note, I think I need ones of THESE!

Find a Home

When I was a little girl a handful of wise aunties, with very organized kitchens, taught me that each and every item needs a designated home.

At the very least, separate items that you most commonly reach for from those that you use on occasion.

For Example

  • I keep my flour readily available while my cocoa powder is in the bottom cupboard
  • You may also want to look into where the items will best be kept in terms of climate
  • I store all seeds and nuts in the freezer and flour in a cool dark cupboard

Feel free to visit my organized pantry roundup for further kitchen inspiration or check out my board on Pinterest.

Happy Baking !!!



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