inspiration for a chic & organized walk-in closet

One of the non-negotiable items on my dream home wish list, is a giant walk-in closet so that I can keep all of my fashion assets properly displayed and organized. I would also prefer one with a counter and crystal chandelier.

Funny Story:

When I used to stay over at my aunt and uncle’s house, when I was really little, I slept on the floor of my auntie’s walk-in closet. Rather than sleeping in the basement, which scared me at the time, she would make me up my own little bed, under her clothes and boxes of shoes, and leave the door open.

This is also the same auntie who took me downtown Vancouver, when I was 16, so I could properly purchase my first floral fragrance.

My auntie also once told me that for every new item that you purchase, there is one to be sent farewell. This checks out because her walk-in closet, to this day, is very organized. I may have also adapted her colour coding system.

On that note, I love a good closet purge. I don’t know why, but it is just so satisfying! I will usually do one, before bringing down my seasonal boxes, at the beginning of spring and the end of summer. After all, closet space is valuable.

Straight from my from my Pinterest board, bellow are some of my favourite looks for a chic and organized walk-in closet.

For further home interior ideas, fell free to visit my bedroom and office roundups. You can also visit my closet board for even more inspiration.


while the above photos have not been taken by me, they have been linked to their source through Pinterest


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