a simple and chic table for Easter dinner or brunch

While Easter in my family, compared to Christmas or Thanksgiving, is a very simple affair, it is just as good as a reason to bring out my great-nona’s china and purchase white flowers for the table.

Whether my family is celebrating Easter with brunch or dinner (sometimes both) I’ll start setting the table with a white tablecloth as a basis for my great-nona’s china, crystal glasses, and silverware. Then I’ll add white napkins and spring florals (tulips or carnations) in small bud vases. It really is a simple affair!

As much as I enjoy our family’s Easter dinners, brunch is without a doubt my favourite Easter meal. Especially when there are bunny pancakes on the menu!

Regardless of what is being served at my parents table, to me, Easter is the official kick off to springtime! From colouring eggs with my grandma to receiving my own little loaf of Italian Easter bread, made by my auntie, this holiday holds many cheerful childhood memories.

I personally loved hunting down the baskets, with my brother, and cashing in on the candy trail left by the Easter Bunny. Chocolate eggs for days !!

While not on the dinner menu, this simple cake also makes an excellent Easter table addition.

You can visit my spring board for even more inspiration.


while the above photos have not been taken by me, they have been linked to their source through Pinterest 


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