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Initially I had written this blush manicure roundup as an inspiration source, of simple and pretty looks, for the spring and summer months.

However, most of these blush shades really do work effortlessly for all four seasons. They’re really more evergreen than seasonal.

On that note, below I am sharing some of my favourite pretty blush manicure looks from my Pinterest board.

When it comes to my manicure, like most things, I like to keep it simple. I have found that in the past, whenever I (reluctantly) picked out a nail colour, I got bored of it really fast. By the end of the week I am usually over it.

So in order to get the most of my manicure, I started rotating between a classic white, nude, or blush. My nail lady probably thinks that I’m boring. Although, she will add a touch of sparkle every now and then. I like to add a little extra for if I have an event or occasion!

I also love that a blush manicure is generally super forgiving! If I know that I will be testing recipes within a week of my manicure, I will opt to get either a blush or nude set. A blush manicure is also forgiving in the sense that if you (heaven forbid) chip a nail, it is not as terrifyingly noticeable.

Above all, whether or not you have a hard or soft gel, they tend to last a lot longer. Even if I wasn’t baking, I’d be lucky to get two weeks out of a colour. The space between the polish and cuticles is way too obvious.

Similar to a nude manicure, I can easily get three weeks out of a blush one.

Whether or not you’re ready to jump into the new season, these neutral and timeless shades should without a doubt carry you through.

I may be saving this post to show my manicurist at my next appointment.

You can visit my manicure board for even further inspiration.


while the above photos have not been taken by me, they have been linked to their source through Pinterest


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  1. […] in order to get the most of my manicure, I started rotating between a classic white, blush or nude. My nail lady probably thinks I’m dull. Although, I do let her to add a touch of […]

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