45+ little everyday luxuries, for if you ever need to add a little extra to your day

Whether facing adversity or simple dealing with a Monday, I have learned to never underestimate the wonders of an everyday luxury. Treating yourself does not require a lot and (from my experience) there are very few situations that a tea latte cannot solve. As such, I have curated a list of little everyday luxuries, that you can refer to if you ever find yourself lacking a little sparkle.

Take a Moment

  1. order appetizers + a cocktail at a favourite restaurant
  2. book yourself a manicure and/or pedicure
  3. go see a movie with an armful of snacks
  4. treat your face to a mask
  5. attend a class + grab a smoothie after
  6. read the latest issue of your favourite magazine
  7. light a candle with a calming or scrumptious scent
  8. draw a bath with lots of bubbles
  9. treat your hair to a mask
  10. run a hot shower and burry your face in a lush cleanser 
  11. apply a hand balm before going to bed
  12. add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser
  13. escape for a night at a neaby hotel & order room service

Office Hours

  1. get yourself a wireless mouse
  2. splurge on a new tote bag
  3. switch up your phone case
  4. keep a sample of your favourite fragrance on hand
  5. upgrade your tablet or laptop
  6. treat yourself to a new notebook
  7. invest in a pair of wireless headphones 
  8. learn something new 


  1. add a dollop of whipped cream to your breakfast
  2. start and/or finish your day with a hand crafted beverage
  3. keep a bar of your favourite chocolate on hand
  4. after work, pick up a treat to enjoy after dinner
  5. have takeout delivered to your door
  6. grab a pint of ice cream + a spoon
  7. pop open a bottle of Prosecco, individual or multiple glasses
  8. add a teaspoon of artisan honey to a cup of tea
  9. fresh bread + butter + jam

Retail Therapy

  1. add a new nail polish to your collection
  2. treat your lips to a new lipstick or balm
  3. upgrade your bed linens
  4. buy a bouquet of your favourite flowers
  5. invest in a new cookbook
  6. add a new skincare product to your regime
  7. splurge on a new set of makeup brushes
  8. add a little to your kitchen sink with a Swedish Sponge Cloth
  9. sign up for a subscription box
  10. add a bar of soap to your vanity
  11. upgrade your bath linens
  12. add  on a new coffee table book to your living room
  13. buy fresh produce from the farmers market
  14. add a touch more lace to your wardrobe
  15. try sleeping on a silk pillowcase
  16. add a new item to your bakeware collection
  17. treat yourself to another throw blanket

For additional ways to add a little extra to your life, with everyday luxuries, feel free to view these roundups:



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