Jessie Marie Collection, welcome to my blog

Hi there! My name is Jessica and I am ever so thrilled to share the Jessie Marie Collection with you.

Like a guest in my home I wish for you to leave feeling pleasantly full. My parents are Italian so I wouldn’t know it any other way.

On that note, I welcome you to please help yourself to my collection of favourites that (I think) are worth sharing.

The Jessie Marie Collection has been curated on the basis of:

  1. little, everyday luxuries
  2. less is more
  3. giving thoughtfully
  4. a home to love
  5. simple (gluten free) recipes 
  6. travel, always
  7. classic and timeless
  8. living in season 
  9. celebrating traditions
  10. unconditional love

On that note, here are 16 little things that you probably did not know about me:

  1. spring is my favourite season
  2. I am undoubtedly my father’s daughter
  3. in 2018 I had to break up with gluten
  4. my passports come in Canadian and Italian
  5. I would rather wear high heels than flats
  6. Marie is also my Mom and Grandma’s middle name
  7. Cinderella is my favourite Disney movie
  8. I am most definitely a Taurus
  9. Chanel Chance eau Tendre was my first fragrance
  10. in 2014 I graduated from UBC
  11. Milan, Paris and Vancouver are my favourite cities to visit
  12. gifting is my love language
  13. white peonies are my favourite flower
  14. I have 1 brother + 1 fur-brother
  15. white, grey, and black are colours in my books
  16. I am unable to resist a road trip

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