wreath ideas to consider for your front door, during the fall & early winter seasons

As the fall temperature drops, I like to think that hanging a wreath on my front door adds a little extra warmth to my home. It’s also one of my favourite ways to offset the colder days to come. Well, I like to think that it helps.

I love my little one-bedroom home, but I do not have a lot of storage space for additional seasonal decorations. My Christmas boxes shamelessly take up most of my storage space. As such, I love the idea of a wreath that will work well with my fall and pre-Christmas decor. Which, in my case, isn’t difficult as most of my decorations are a white.

When picking out a wreath, to hang on my door at the beginning of the fall season, I look for one that will seamlessly work until I bring out my Christmas decor in mid-November.

I often gravitate towards fall wreaths that are neutral or simply white. I also love a wreath that includes greenery and other natural elements to complement the season. Either way, I appreciate one that works well with my white pumpkins from the pumpkin patch or the evergreen that my landlord plants in the pots outside of my door mid-November.

On that note, I have gathered a few fall and early winter wreath looks to consider for your home.

For other holiday inspiration, feel free to visit my fall board for even more ideas or view my additional fall and early winter decor roundups:


while the above photos have not been taken by me, they have been linked to their source through Pinterest 


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