lip balm for the dry & cold fall winter weather

As per the cold and dry air during the fall and winter months, I find myself reaching for a lip balm a lot more than spring and summer time.

However, regardless of the forecast I will forever be a lip balm hoarder. There is basically one in every essential corner of my life.

Due to commitment issues and lack of willpower, having only one option would simply never do.

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  1. I may have a tube at my desk, vanity, and an extra in the back-stock-basket under my bathroom sink. Did I mention that it’s made in France?
  2. This shea lip balm is super lightweight and has made a great addition to my rotation.
  3. A great, basic lip balm to throw in your bag or keep in your car console.
  4. This lip balm can also easily be worn as a gloss.
  5. Also made in France, this salve is a multipurpose gem. Made with pure and organic shea butter, I keep one in my cosmetic bag for traveling.
  6. Nearly anything with honey in it, I have to try. I keep a tube in my coat pocket as the overall weight is exceptionally light. Which also makes it perfect for air travel.

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