the best cookbooks for baking

Below I have listed cookbooks that I have not only come to adore, but refer to quite often for baking. 

As long as there is room for another book on the shelf (there’s always room) this list will continue to grow! As such, this is a living blog post.

1. Joy of Cooking

When I was little, my grandparents bought me the 75th Anniversary Edition of this book. It was my first ever cookbook! It truly is a staple, to the point which my grandma refers to it as an encyclopedia. From fruit cobbler to chocolate chip cookies, I will always refer back to it.

A note that this is the newest edition of the book. The book was also a gift and I have been loving it so far.


  • extremely informative
  • covers a ton of basics

2. Butter Baked Goods

This was one of the first cookbooks that I purchased, that was specific to baking. The book itself is absolutely delightful. It may also be my bible for buttercream frosting.


  • recipes are timeless and simple
  • step-by-step tutorials with photos

3. Sweet Bake Shop

I just love the essence of this book; pretty with an unapologetic love for sugar. It is currently my reference of choice for decorative cookies.


  • recipes are classic, nostalgic yet current
  • a cohesive collection of beautifully baked goods

4. Baking Day with Anna Olson

I absolutely adore Anna Olson! Her recipes are just so comforting and wholesome. A note that this book is by no means light, but it is full of delightful recipes and photos to match.

I also own Anna Olson’s holiday cookbook, which I keep with my Christmas baking boxes. It’s where I discovered the chocolate coconut and honey spiced cookies.


  • includes GF recipes or ones that can be easily converted
  • the instructions are very precise and insightful

5. Maman: The Cookbook 

I may have pre-ordered this cookbook the day I head it’s release date. I will admit that there isn’t as many dessert recipes as I was anticipating, but I am also enjoying the savoury ones.

Overall, the book is just as lovely as I’d imagine their Gossip Girl worthy coffee shops would be. A morning at Maman is definitely on my list for the next time I’m in New York.


  • love the matte pages and size of the book
  • it helps fill those Paris and NYC cravings

6. Small, Sweet, and Italian

My cousins and I often laugh about how the oldest generation of women in our family will give you nearly anything (without hesitation) except for that one recipe you really want. You are usually left with “oh it’s just a little bit of this… a touch of that…” or my personal favourite “there is no recipe”.

I love how this little book contains a handful of simple and traditional gems. The recipes may not be the exact ones that I grew up with, but they are close enough and easily adjustable. Such as, the brown sugar and cinnamon pizzelles that I refer to each November.


  • many can be easily converted to GF
  • takes up little room on my shelf

7. Oh She Glows Cookbook

8. Oh She Glows Every Day

DISCLAIMER: I am not vegan let alone vegetarian. That being said, I have fooled many a carnivore with the plant-based cookie and brownie recipes.

The banana bread cookies may have also quickly disappeared at a family reunion.


  • GF friendly for the most part
  • I love the alternative ingredient suggestions

Other Favourites on My Shelf

  1. Bobbette & Belle
  2. Boutique Baking
  3. French Country Cooking
  4. Little Island Bake Shop 
  5. Magnolia Table

Do you have any favourite baking cookbooks that are worth the shelf space? If so, please feel free to message me on instagram or share in the comments section below!



This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. Products that are recommended are ones that I truly love or would purchase for a dear friend.

This blog post was updated for 2023.


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