white laundry room inspiration for a timeless home

Simply put, I love the look of a white home. From the exterior to guest bathroom a timeless aesthetic can easily be accomplished. That is of course, when done right. On that note, while it can easily be overlooked, I also really love a white laundry room!

With the right layout, paint, and materials it doesn’t take much turn an otherwise mundane household chore into a pleasant experience.

If I had to pick a favourite laundry room, as per many warm childhood memories, it would undoubtedly be the one in my great auntie’s home. And yes, this is the same aunt behind my favourite blueberry muffin recipe and took me to purchase my first bottle of Chanel when I was younger.

First of all, I love how there’s a side door that opens onto a little deck nestled within the cedar trees. Secondly, there’s a laundry line surrounded by giant blue hydrangea bushes that my uncle planted in the 60s. During the spring and summer months it is almost enchanting.

In this room I learned how to effortlessly fold linens while discussing what should be prepared for the next meal. I mean, we are Italian after all.

I particularly will never forget the simple Sunday tidbit that my auntie gave. Basically, changing your bedding each Sunday will add a little extra to your week. It is so simple, but it really does!

I also learned that we owe it to our wardrobe, to have a dedicated space that allows us to properly care for the (rightfully) justified items that have curated over the years. While I wish it weren’t true, apparently our clothes do not wash themselves.

In a perfect world (or house plan) these are the top five items. This is of course aside from a washer and drier:

Laundry Room Wishlist

  1. Window to let in fresh air and natural light
  2. Clothing line (of some sort) to discreetly hang delicates
  3. Counter for folding
  4. Large sink
  5. Cupboards

You can visit my board to view additional white laundry room ideas.



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